What are you tracking? 

As leaders we know how important it is to track results. Without results, we have no business. What I know to be true is to get, and keep the “ball rolling” we need the right kind of action -- action that drives results. To be clear, I’m not referring to our people being busy -- or looking busy, but rather, are they doing the right actions that drive results? For example, we have metrics—take sales, we measure sales results. Obviously we need new business, growing market share etc., but, they don’t necessarily drive success -- they only measure results. What we must have is accountability that drives results. Said another way, when coaching your people, and when reviewing their list [...]

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Developing your internal elevator speech.

There is no question that everyone in your company should know the importance of building deep, authentic customer connections. There's a delicate balance between messaging financials, metrics, dashboards, and the customer experience. If you're spending too much time on the business, and not enough time on the experience, danger may loom. My recommendation is to develop an "elevator speech" for everyone in the company to make sure they get it. To develop the speech, ask yourself the following questions: Where are we going?  Paint an inspiring vision that includes the ideal relationship with the customer. Write it from the customer’s point of view. What do you do that matters to them? Why are we going there?  It has to be [...]

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Don’t Play Robin Hood. 

We are all aware of the Robin Hood effect—taking from the rich and giving to the poor, but in business, let's be sure we are giving our best to the best. Typically in most businesses, 80% of the results are done by 20% of the people or customers. We call them the Top 20 Club. Where you have to be careful is not to spend too much of your time with the 80% of people who produce only 20%. As leaders we need to invest our time where we will receive the best ROI on our time. Invest your time by listening to your Top 20. How can you better serve them? What could you and/or the company do more of, less [...]

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Control = results.

For you football fans you may have heard of Tony Dungy. He became the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1996. The team had 13 losing seasons behind them, and friends were trying to persuade Tony not to take the job. He did it anyway. When he arrived all he heard were excuses why they were losing. The reasons were: poor stadium, low ticket sales, couldn’t win away games if the weather was cold, and they were not drafting the right players. Here is the best one: apparently a voodoo-practicing woman who loved Doug Williams (quarterback) put a curse on the team when he left. When Tony examined the list of obstacles for not winning, he realized something [...]

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The two things you’ll get as a leader.

As a leader, we wear many hats. After all the buck stops...well you know where. Recently, I had a conversation with a young man who just graduated from high school. He was inquiring about the leader's role. Not so much of the day-to-day functions, but "big picture" (his words) I went on to describe as best as I could the "big picture" for him. Leaders are people developers, change agents, decision makers, problem solvers, visionaries, culture protectors, strategy developers, coaches, communicators, talent recruiters, conflict managers, team builders...and well I'll stop there. He said to me,  "Wow, that is a ton of things you have to do!" The Leader has his/her plate full with responsibility. Yes the buck stops with us.  [...]

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